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September 11, 2017

The ONE thing every student wants from their lecturer

Technology is embedded in a Millennials daily life and often treated as an extension of their bodies. It makes sense then, that technology would play a vital part in their learning habits. The traditional methods of training are no longer effective for millennials, in fact we don’t even think they would know what an over-head projector was.

The truth about Millennials:

Learner attention spans are shorter, lecturers are completing with Facebook, Snap chats and messages from friends. The ideal learning environment involves less lecture time but demands more collaboration with peers. Using an authentic assessments and group project work are ideal for Millennials. This group of learners have been raised in a less authoritative environment, where decisions and actions have been constantly justified. Learners thrive on personal relationships and they expect the older generation to show more interest in their lives and not just teach. Millennials are experts at multitasking so their learning environment should enable this.

Engagement is what they want. Millennials want to be taught, not lectured. They crave participation, not parrot fashion learning.

In many of the classrooms and lecture halls we have observed the unfortunate reality of a massive disconnect remains between the teacher and student in the classroom.

One of the best technologies we have seen addressing the lack of engagement is Student Response Technology (commonly referred to as clickers).

Using clickers lecturers can engage, measure and create a collaborative learning environment where millennials will actively participate, learn and thrive.

Student Response Technology is a stimulating and affordable technology that allows all students to participate equally whether they are confident or shy in class contributing in a fun yet measurable fashion. Students can use clickers for individual work and participate in group activities. Consequently, lecturers can be more agile in their teaching, accurately and immediately gauging student understanding of the topics being discussed whilst tracking individual performance and keeping the whole class engaged.

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