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Crafting an unforgettable and custom event app experience

Going paperless is a huge benefit to using an event app but that’s just the beginning. The cost of providing hands is equivalent if not greater than that of our multi-functional and customizable event app platform, you’ll be able to create the best event experience for your attendees, sponsors, vendors, and organization all while reducing your carbon footprint and adding more value to your event.

Events have been around since 1895. That’s 124 years worth of events that you need to stand out from, it seems impossible, right? Not for Participates Event Gurus. Participate event apps take your audience out of the norm and transports them to a fresh event experience by putting your event in the palm of their hands. All while providing your event with the ability to deliver you essential analytics and an overall successful event

Easy to Use

Hard to Forget




An intuitive registration to gather all information electronically.
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Event Information

Real-time agenda, Speakers, Exhibitor & Sponsor profiling, Downloads and resources.


Engage with your audience using Live Polling, Surveys and Gamification.
live stream

Live Stream Support

Your event can now be virtual or a hybrid. Add a livestream to your event, with Q&A and live questions instantly available.


Analyse ROI and generate insight into your event with comprehensive analytics.

White Labelled Apps

Turn your event app into a revenue generating opportunity for your business by selling an app sponsorship option.

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