6 Tips to Consider when Adopting Clickers in your Faculty

August 25, 2016

So your faculty has decided to take the leap and adopt clickers as part of your instructional teaching tools for class.

Making a change can be challenging no matter what the circumstances.  I was recently reminder of this is a seminar by Bill Gibson where he asked us to write out the sentence ‘have a nice day’ and then asked us to do it with the other hand! It was uncomfortable as is change.

Communication with all the key role players is important.

Here are a few ideas that you assist with the transition in your classroom to use Clickers:

  1. Faculty Newsletters

A newsletter can be an effective tool in getting your message out to many people.  Firstly make sure you have permission to use the university email list, keep you message short and to the point.

Explain the rationale motivating the adoption of clickers. Advertise training days and links where they can download the software.

  1. Create Instruction Cards for Students

A small information card explaining the changes to clickers on campus may really help the students. Having these cards available in class or specific student areas within the faculty. If you would like help with information to include on these cards, please contact us.

  1. Posting Information on Campus TVs and/or Computer Screen Savers

Many times you can provide educational information on campus TVs (usually located in high traffic areas such as the bookstore, library, residence halls, and dining halls) by creating a one or two slide PowerPoint. Large computing labs on campus often allow for advertisement on their login screens or screen savers.

  1. Posters

Informational posters about clickers in the classrooms and strategic locations around campus will help increase awareness about clickers and distribute clicker information to students quickly and easily.

  1. Campus Newspaper Advert

Placing an ad in the school newspaper can spread the news of upcoming change. Many school papers are still delivered around campus and others are subscribed to on cell phones and computers.

  1. Working with Your Centre for Teaching and Learning Staff

Getting more staff on campus aware of changes can help with dissemination of information as well as training of faculty and staff.

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