3 ways to gain better insight from your audience

August 15, 2016

So you decide to use an audience response system at your event, what do you do next?

As always, firstly we recommend defining your objectives for using audience response; this will provide you with a measurable result.

When it comes to audience interaction, have you thought about tracking responses to individual audience members? There are many pros and cons to deciding between anonymous responses vs. tracked responses. Consider the below 3 options:


  1. Tracking Responses

Tracking is sometimes necessary for testing or quiz style events to identify winners or assess content knowledge of employees in a product knowledge test.

The benefit – you get an individual report on each participant’s responses.

The negative – if you are doing a culture survey or asking questions that you want honest feedback on, participants may be reluctant to respond in fear of losing their job, being ridiculed by their manager or being singled out within the audience.


  1. Anonymous Responses

This option is great when you really want the truth.

Great for obtaining feedback from customers on new product development, especially before launching it! With honest feedback from culture surveys you can make far better decisions making changes within your organisation. This list could go on for pages.

Audience #hack – whilst remaining anonymous be strategic and ask questions that profile your audience with demographic options about region, employment, gender, division etc. This will provide an extra layer of meaningful data when interpreting your response data, offering insights into response trends from different sub-groups within your audience.


  1. A combination

This is a strategy that often provides the best audience insight. If you need to track responses for some of the questions but would still really like honest feedback for other questions start by asking the questions you would like to track the responses for then, ask the audience to swap devices with the person next to them! This will give the audience the assurance their responses to any of the following questions are anonymous.

For more audience insight and tips on how to get the most from your audience at a meeting contact us, we’d be glad to help!

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