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NOTHING RIVALS audience response technology in motivating participation and measuring understanding in an assortment of environments

You might have heard of the words “Audience Response System” or “Classroom Performance System” and “Group Response System” or “Digivote”. But never quite know what is meant by it.

These words represent a technology used globally by thousands of institutions and is very popular amongst many successful business managers, trainers, specialist consultants, educators and operators in the conference industry.

These words represent a technology that over the past 15 years has crept into Africa and begun to revolutionise the way people interact in traditional meetings and conferences, classrooms and other learning environments.


In its simplest form an Audience Response System allows a person through a presentation (e.g. PowerPoint®) to display questions, surveys, opinion polls and complex problems to an audience, in turn the audience is then able to select a response via an input device (keypad/handset). These responses are transmitted to the presentation computer for data collection and are available instantly for review. This data is then also accessible for reports structured to meet practically any reporting needs from individual participation scores to demographic and total group results.

Audience Response Systems offer a multitude of applications for an assortment of environments. From simple yes/no voting, game show style competitions or to complex risk analysis sessions there are there are numerous matchless benefits to incorporating this technology in your meeting, conference, lecture hall or classroom.

Nothing rivals an audience response system in motivating participation and measuring understanding.

We invite you to learn more about this technology and get involved with a product that will transform your presentations from passive learning sessions into active two-way participative environments of information exchange and immediate feedback, all at the touch of a button.

Watch over 2000 delegates using our wireless keypads at an event at Sandton Convention Centre

TurningPoint is the ideal solution for trainers, specialist consultants, boardrooms and conference sessions.

Leverage technology to increase your effectiveness and impact using TurningPoint’s audience response system! With interactive PowerPoint software you can transform your training event, meeting, or conference session presentations into powerful data collection and assessment tool that collects real-time responses from participants.

Trainers and presenters who use TurningPoint can effectively and efficiently gather, rank and communicate critical information regarding training session results. Use TurningPoint to add exponential value to your next training session or meeting!

Communicate directly with every delegate in you audience

Invite your audience to participate with the presenter by using an Audience Response System. Find out not only who feels what about a given subject, but the degree to which they feel that way.

Measure feedback, opinions and comprehension in a participative environment 

Audience Response Systems offer a reliable and consistent method to measure feedback, opinions and comprehension in a participative environment. Design your questions in a fashion that will deliver data that can be turned into powerful knowledge.

Avail data for immediate analysis and deliver detailed reports

Assimilate all question data into a variety of different reports and charts. Quantify the data by comparing it in each possible format. Use this knowledge as a building block for more questions or your next event. Create benchmarks from which to progress from, manage and understand your audience’s expectations, the value is just about endless.

Value to the Participant

  • Provides a tool to express their view (can be done either anonymously or not)
  • Promotes discussion, decision making and ownership
  • Identifies difference of opinion within a group
  • Lengthens attention spans
  • Creates a unique environment
  • Instantly showing the results of participant voting increases involvement and enjoyment for both participants and presenters

Value to the Presenter

  • Allows you to closer to your audience
  • Increases your effectiveness as an instructor
  • Streamlines the collection of information in real time
  • Our software seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint, you can use your existing presentations or create new ones quickly and easily
  • Post-event reports can provide invaluable information and details for reviewing, evaluation and comparison, and it’s all part of the package… not extra!!
No meeting is too big or small to benefit from the use of Response Technology.

Conferencing for any business is an extremely expensive exercise, also an exercise that is extremely hard to measure return on investment. Integrating an Audience Response System with a systematic approach to your meeting offers a cost-effective way to add a significant amount of value to your event.

This technology will contribute to maximising your time, aid you in locking down your focus on key issues or offer flexible agendas when necessary, increase audience attentiveness, participation, learning and information retention. No client has ever been disappointed in the value we bring to their meeting, conference or event.

TurningPoint® allows you to:

Share information with a group, and establish that it has been understood…

Gain information from a group quickly and accurately…

Develop ideas with a group, promote involvement and ‘Q & A’, offer everyone a chance to participate equally…

Employee induction – Count votes with speed and accuracy and present the results instantaneously…

Promote discussion, create a challenge and involve a group with each other…

Engage your students in active learning, instantly understand student comprehension, create an interactive lecture environment, and track student performance with a TurningPoint student response system. 100% integration with Microsoft® PowerPoint® easily allows instructors to create interactive PowerPoint® presentations that collect real-time responses from students.

Research has shown the benefits of using interactive keypads in education increases retention and adds excitement and enthusiasm to traditional education and training methods.

Educational Benefits

Research has shown the benefits of using interactive keypads in education increases retention and adds excitement and enthusiasm to traditional education and training methods.

Value to the Learner/Student

  • Encourages critical thinking, leading to a higher level of attention and retention
  • The teacher/lecturer can easily see when all students have responded
  • Enjoy a non-threatening interactive experience
  • Everyone can be involved without fear of being singled out or embarrassed
  • Students will be engaged in learning, paying more attention in class and enjoying using the keypads

Value to the Teacher/Lecturer

  • Content can be reinforced by quickly ascertaining group/individual understanding
  • Individual student results can be easily tracked and recorded
  • Instantly view reports so struggling students can be identified (multiple reporting formats available)
  • Creating questions is quick and easy – lessons can be prepared on any computer at school, campus or home
  • Reduce your paperwork – all data obtained directly from students is collated automatically
  • Reduces teacher/lecturer administrative workload!
  • Store data for further analysis or comparison – data is stored in spreadsheet format (TurningPoint® stores data in a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet)
  • Can focus lessons on problem content as apposed to administrative work
  • An increased level of participation
  • Accurately assess the entire class level of understanding during a lesson
  • Reports on individual learners/students results are available at the click of a button

Clickers in the Classroom/Lecture hall help Learners and students to learn more

  • Instead of one person raising their hand and answering a question, every person must go through the critical thinking process of processing the information personally
  • Several studies including a prominent study by Harvard University have demonstrated the value of “Recall” to the learning process. The Harvard Study demonstrated a significant increase in retention when “Recall” of information is achieved very soon after the information is presented. In fact, the study concluded that The Increase in Retention is directly proportional to how soon “Recall” is initiated.

Keypads are a teaching and learning tool that helps to promote good teaching!

  • Activity-based learning (i.e.. part of constructivist approach to learning)
  • Reflection & critical thinking (i.e.. higher order thinking (Blooms taxonomy – analysis, synthesis & evaluation)
  • Feedback – instant feedback (helps to stimulate further discussion and learning + is anonymous)
  • Collaborative group learning

Here’s a great video explaining how it works in the classroom

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