Why Choose Hybrid Events ?

May 30, 2022

Hybrid events are crucial in the event industry

The reality has led to a booming of virtual events. From meetings to conferences: everything takes place online.

The opportunities and strengths of virtual events are far too great for organisers not to make use of them

Every event can gain more reach and even more participants through the virtual component

But first, what is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is essentially a live event and a virtual event combined into one. A live event, as we know, is an event hosted in a physical venue with in-person attendance. A virtual event, on the other hand, is an event hosted exclusively online to online attendees, typically with the help of a virtual event platform. A hybrid event has both virtual and live attendees participate in the same event at the same time: live attendees at the venue, and virtual attendees attending online. However, it’s crucial to understand that a hybrid event is not simply about hosting a live event and then live-streaming it to a virtual audience, and it’s also not an event in which the virtual audience is given preference.

Why Host a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event combines the benefits of both live events and virtual events, but at the same time also offers additional values including

More attendance

You can attract both live attendees and virtual attendees, virtually from all around the world, event organizers can attract more attendance with a hybrid event. Global reach and more attendance will ultimately result in better ROI and profitability for the event

Better Interaction

Having an interactive online element give’s your guests the feeling that they can help shape the hybrid event. A Virtual Event Platform will create a framework for engagement and interaction. With these elements, you can let your guests explore an event or set paths

Sponsorship Opportunities

More exposure and more  attendees  will translate into a higher value for your event in the eyes of potential sponsors. Meaning, you’ll have a better chance of securing good sponsors

Return on Investment

an interactive hybrid event first requires allot planning and  also costs for the acquisition of the software or platforms. However, the more you invest in your event will result in higher numbers of participants and, therefore, higher turnover through ticket sales.

And with that  the software purchases are sustainable: It can be used for Future events

Cost Saving 

By hosting a hybrid event you can reduce the number of live attendees and focus on getting more virtual attendees instead. In turn, this will result into reduced costs on venue rentalas well as catering and other related costs.


Hybrid Event Best Practices

A key principle to a successful hybrid event experience is delivering the same level of value to both of your audiences

Ensure Flawless execution

Not only do you need to make sure you should check whether all technical aspects are already on-point, but you should also make sure your event’s content is properly aligned to both your audiences interests

Test and Rehearse your content

organize a focus group and set up a mock event. Test your content to this group and gather their feedback. Rehearsals are essential for hybrid events since both the live and especially virtual aspects of the events are prone to many potential issues

Identify Potential Problems

Create a plan for your hybrid event that explains what each session/content is about, including breaks for both your virtual and live attendees. This event plan will help you in keeping the hybrid event on the right track during its execution

Hybrid Is Here To Stay

The most important element for hybrid events to be effective and engaging is that your audience must always come first. It’s all about how you build an engaging virtual experience that mimic in-person engagement. A hybrid event has a lot of advantages that will reflect back on your business.

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  1. Ndiphiwe Mkefa 10th June 2022 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    Thank you very much for this short and straight to the point informative article about importance of considering Hybrid for events. My question would be how do you get better Interaction & Sponsorship Opportunities when you have a hybrid event?

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