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TurningPoint is now PointSolutions.

The system and software have been given a makeover with the addition of some colorful accents. Nonetheless, the underlying process remains unchanged, so there is no need to worry. Furthermore, TurningPoint has been rebranded as PointSolutions. Any relevant support materials will be updated accordingly to reflect this change.


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PointSolutions(TurningPoint) Video Tutorials2023-03-10T11:11:23+02:00

PointSolutions (TurningPoint) Video Tutorials

PointSolutions(TurningPoint) Web

Web Tutorial

Web Tutorial

Web Tutorial

Web Tutorial

PointSolutions(TurningPoint) Desktop

PowerPoint Polling with Clickers

PowerPoint Polling with Mobile

Building TurningPoint PowerPoint Presentations on PC

Running TurningPoint PowerPoint Presentations on PC

Generating TurningPoint Reports on PC

Building TurningPoint PowerPoint Presentations on Mac

Running TurningPoint PowerPoint Presentations on Mac

Generating TurningPoint Reports on PC

Generating TurningPoint Reports with Anywhere Polling

Running a Quick Poll with TurningPoint Anywhere Polling

Using Anywhere Polling in TurningPoint

Building Content with TurningPoint Self-Paced Polling

Administering Content with TurningPoint Self-Paced Polling

Generating TurningPoint Reports with Self-Paced Polling

What is TurningPoint?

TurningPoint for Training

Conduct Summative Assessments with TurningPoint

Response Options

PointSolutions(TurningPoint) App Overview

LCD Overview

LMS Videos – Instructor

Canvas Autosync TP8

Brightspace Autosync TP8

Blackboard Autosync TP8

LMS Videos – Student

Canvas Integration – Student

Sakai Integration – Student

Moodle Integration – Student

Brightspace Integration – Student

Blackboard Integration – Student

Student Registration

Canvas Autosync

Moodle Autosync

Registering your student clicker – Pretoria University2023-03-10T11:12:24+02:00

Registering your student clicker – Pretoria University

Last updated: 14 February 2020

  1. Access your account by going to
  2. Click on the Sign In button.
  3. Please use your email when registering your clicker.
    • Follow the instructions to activate your account.
  4. When you’ve logged in ignore & SKIP the Subscription request, and click on the Finish button.
  5. You will automatically be assigned with a Mobile ID.
  6. If you have a physical clicker, scroll down to the Response Devices section, and add in your clicker’s UID, located at the barcode on the back of your device.
  7. Click on the Add button to link the clicker to your profile.
  8. Please ensure that you are connected to ClickUP. You should see a green check-mark under the Learner Management System section.
Can I share my clicker with another student?2020-02-14T08:39:20+02:00

No, each student should only carry his or her own clicker. This INCLUDES the sharing of mobile devices with the TurningPoint software.

Possession of a clicker not registered to you is considered a breach of academic honesty. For more details, see the University’s Policy on Code of Ethics.

How long do the batteries last?2020-02-14T08:43:19+02:00

ResponseCard RF LCD / RF clicker devices are powered by two flat lithium batteries (CR2032).
The QT and QT2 come preinstalled with two AAA batteries.
All refurbished RFLCD Clickers supplied by Participate Technologies come pre-installed with new batteries.

The average battery life is 6 to 12 months each model.

Take care when storing your device, as it may inadvertently press a button continually, depreciating the battery more rapidly than normal.

What’s the warranty for the clickers?2020-02-14T09:02:11+02:00

Participate Technologies warrants its new devices for a period of twelve (12) months and refurbished devices for a period of three (3) months for any material or workmanship defect in the product as well as for any failures related to normal product use.

This warranty does not extend to batteries or any product component that has been subject to misuse, deliberate destruction, or alteration.

Where do I register my clicker?2020-02-14T09:05:36+02:00

It is imperative to register your clicker so that your participation in class can be tracked. Students can register their clicker devices via your course module in ClickUP, or via

I am having problems with my clicker, what do I do?2018-06-28T18:04:26+02:00

If you are having technical problems with your clicker, or have questions about its use, please speak to your class instructor.

The two most common issues that student experience are;

  • A flat battery, you may purchase new batteries from the bookstores or most retail outlets.
  • The clicker is not on the right channel for class, ask you instructor which channel is being used in class to ensure that you can participate in class with your clicker.

In the event that the issue isn’t readily solvable, return your clicker to the retailer.


Alternately, contact us here at Participate Technologies:

  • Call: 0861 10 63 65
  • Web:
  • Email:
Can I use the same clicker in multiple courses?2018-06-28T18:02:29+02:00

Yes, a clicker can be used for more than 1 class.

Can I resell my clicker?2018-06-28T18:01:20+02:00

Yes, some of the campus bookstores may offer to buy the clicker from you.

Alternately, you are also free to resell the clicker to other students. If you sell your clicker to another student, please inform the new owner that they should register their clicker before use.

What is the return policy? Can I return my clicker if I drop the course?2018-06-28T17:59:32+02:00

If the device is found to be faulty within the warranty period and qualifies for replacement please return in to the retailer from which you purchased it and they will issue a new device.

Should you no longer need your clicker, you should speak to the bookstore from where you have purchased your keypad regarding their returns policy, or alternatively, sell it as a second-hand device.

How do I know if my instructor is using clickers in class?2018-06-28T17:57:32+02:00

Your instructor will inform you in class if he or she is planning to use the clicker technology. If you are not sure, contact your instructor to find out.

You only need one clicker. The same device will work for multiple courses.

What are ResponseCard Devices / Clickers?2018-06-28T17:54:45+02:00

ResponseCard Devices, also called ‘Clickers’, consist of a set of handheld devices that students use to respond to questions posed by the instructor.

A receiver is plugged into the classroom computer (or instructor’s laptop), which picks up the students’ answers.

TurningPoint Software is used to create multiple choice questions, and then to tabulate and display student responses.

This technology can be used to support a variety of teaching activities.

How do I change channels on my clicker2020-04-23T16:27:30+02:00

If using a ResponseCard, you may be requested to change your keypad’s channel to a number from 1 to 82.
The default channel is 41.


To change channels on a RF-LCD, QT or QT2 keypad:

  • Press the CH / Channel button on your clicker.
  • When you see the flashing red and green light, press the number of the channel.
  • Press CH / Channel again.
  • When you’ve correctly programmed the clicker, the light will turn green, and the new channel number will be displayed.
How do I register my clicker and/or mobile device?2020-04-23T13:28:31+02:00

University of Pretoria:

Please register any devices (physical clickers and mobile devices) via


  1. Sign-in to ClickUP and navigate to your course.
  2. Select “Tools” in the left-hand pane.
  3. Find and select the “TurningPoint Registration” link.
  4. Sign-in to your TurningPoint account. Please use the EXACT same email that you use for ClickUP.
  5. When you’ve logged in, IGNORE the ‘Subscription request’, and click on the ‘Finish’ button.


If you’re trying to do the registration via ClickUp and are still having difficulty, please contact us and inform us of what steps you’ve taken to date, so that we can resolve it as quickly as possible.


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