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The Villains of the Classroom

By: David Wilson

, Aug 11, 2014

As a teacher in South Africa today we’re sure you’ve encountered these villains:

Major Withdrawn – AKA: Lack of engagement.
He causes boredom, fear of participation, shortened attention spans and decreased motivation.

The Administrator – AKA: Admin Overload.
He is responsible for you spending far too much time at your desk bogged down by marking, report writing, attendance registers and much more.

The Data Drainer – AKA: Admin overload.
She creates chaos with spoiled tests, lost data, missing responses, inaccurate data and complicated technologies.

Enter the superheroes, clickers in the classroom…

Captain Click and Respond-a-girl

Together, they combat the villains to increase engagement and motivation, fighting fear and smashing your administration overload. They now allow for engaging and interactive presentations, real-time feedback and data collection, instant assessments and detailed reports.

The statistics speak for themselves!

More engaging by 87%
More motivational by 70%
Enhanced learning by 73%

According to learners, response technology has made learning environments more engaging, motivational and has enhanced learning.


83% of learners indicated the use of clickers helped them monitor their understanding of content.


75% of learners liked getting instant feedback that allowed them to gauge their knowledge and mastery of the subject.

94% of participants felt that the response technology kept their attention during the presentation.
40% increase in retention of material of learners that used response technology, compared to learners that did not, 30 days after initial instruction.
35% increase in test scores of learners that used response technology, compared to learners that did not use response technology.

We salute all our teachers who daily face the challenges of the classroom. Yours is not an easy task, faced with daily challenges on so many levels as you endeavour to brighten the future of our beautiful country through education.

If you are interested in incorporating clickers in your classroom you can email sales@participate.co.za for more information and to get a quote.

About the Author: David Wilson

Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Event Professional and Problem Solver passionate about life, people, education, and South Africa. Most of my day is spent with the team at www.participate.co.za, I'm a silent partner to my wife's online retail business www.kidscargo.co.za and recently teamed up with Lisa Illingworth to launch Future_ProofSA teaching kids how to become entrepreneurs. I live in the wonderful city of Johannesburg and am blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who I love.

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