Strategies for Increased Attendee Participation

April 18, 2023

While many modern event platforms offer basic virtual engagement tools such as polling, chat, and Q&A sessions, these features only scratch the surface of what’s needed to build a thriving community. Attendees expect more from virtual events and are often overwhelmed by the amount of time spent in front of a screen. As a result, they’re just a click away from disengaging and leaving the event.

To keep attendees engaged, it’s essential to go beyond the basics and provide more creative and immersive engagement strategies that will keep them invested in the experience.

Provide Engaging Event Content

The most effective content for events is not an advertisement, but rather something that solves a problem, educates, or entertains attendees. This principle applies to virtual events as well. With shorter attention spans online, it’s crucial to curate the most relevant and impactful content, breaking it down into easily digestible pieces. Leveraging recommendation engines like Amazon or Netflix, personalize the content offered to attendees to ensure that it resonates with them. Make your event engaging and unforgettable with compelling content that offers real value.

Encourage Interactive Real-Time Sessions

In the age of webinars, attendees don’t want to sit through an endless stream of presentations. To keep them engaged and invested in your virtual event, it’s crucial to customize your sessions and promote active participation. Real-time polls and surveys are a great way to involve attendees and make them feel like they’re part of the conversation. Provide ample opportunities for feedback and questions during live Q&A sessions to ensure attendees remain invested in the experience. Customizing sessions to cater to attendee needs can lead to increased participation and an unforgettable virtual event.

Make On-Demand Content Easily Accessible

Virtual event attendees join with specific goals in mind, making it essential to provide a personalized experience. An online content library offers attendees instant access to the content that interests them on-demand. This may include pre-recorded sessions from past events, as well as other valuable content such as tips and guides. By providing easy access to on-demand content, attendees can further engage with your event and obtain the information they need to achieve their goals.

Keep Attendees Engaged with Push Notifications

Offering various communication channels is crucial to promoting virtual audience engagement, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Since most people keep their mobile devices with them, it’s a smart move to use a mobile event app that supports push notifications. This allows hosts to instantly communicate important updates and information, such as event schedules and alerts. By keeping attendees informed with push notifications, they’ll remain engaged and informed throughout your virtual event.

Boost Engagement with Gamification

Gamification, the use of game mechanics in non-game situations, is a powerful tool for increasing virtual event engagement. Assigning points, ranks, and badges to attendees based on their participation levels is a common gamification technique, but you can take it to the next level with activities like virtual scavenger hunts. Adding a fun and competitive element to your event with gamification is a proven way to promote higher levels of engagement among attendees.

Connect Attendees with a Mobile Event App

A dedicated mobile event app is crucial for successful networking at virtual events. With integrated social media features like instant messaging and live activity feeds, you can begin connecting attendees early on. Ideally, attendees should have access to the app as soon as they register, allowing them to browse profiles and connect with others who share their interests through virtual ice breakers. By connecting attendees with a mobile event app, you’ll facilitate meaningful connections and increase engagement at your virtual event.


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