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My Presentation sucks! I just keep getting stuck in PowerPoint! I just don’t have the time to design another presentation!

Does that sound like you? Well, we are here to help! Don’t leave it up to chance.

Whether you haven’t started yet or you just need some help with what you have already created let us help you build the perfect presentation deck.

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The Problem

Too much ugly text on slides and screens is a problem for audiences and learners alike. You just can't read and listen at the same time.

The Solution

Beautiful compelling visuals, with a clear structure, help your audiences and learners to understand and remember your content.




Sales Presentations

It’s not always easy getting in the door to deliver a sales presentation. Yet some companies risk wasting opportunities with ugly and ineffective slides, and poorly prepared presenters. Participate Technologies presentation design services can help you convert opportunities with amazing sales presentations and more.

Pitch Presentations

It costs a lot to bid for a large contract. It takes ages to develop a solution, write a submission, to get a chance to pitch. Yet too many teams risk wasting all that effort with poor preparation and end up delivering a poor pitch presentation.

Conference Presentations

Think about the time and expense that goes into organising conferences and events. Think about venues, meals, refreshments, registrations, travel, accommodation – everything. Then think about the conference presentations. Yet the presentations are often the reason why the rest is even happening.

Marketing Presentations

Marketing departments spend significant time and money on content. Yet when it comes to presentation design, too many teams try to do things in-house, or leave it to marketing agencies who just aren’t that good with PowerPoint.

Training Presentations

Most learning & development departments use text-heavy slides. For classroom training, for webinars, for storyboarding, and as the basis for rapid eLearning. But text-heavy slides don’t work. We know how to use slides to tell visual stories, how to use visual storytelling for eLearning, and how to use great design to make learning effective.

Investor Presentations

Communicating with investors is hard. Lots of numbers. Not much time. A need for persuasion. A backdrop of regulation. With Participate Technologies you can enjoy world-class investor presentation design support, receive PowerPoint training, and more.

Internal Presentations

Ensuring information gets to the right people in your organisation is challenging. Cutting through the noise to ensure messages are heard can be painfully hard. But your organisation’s culture and success depend on being heard.

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