Interactive Meetings – Why should I?

September 29, 2015

The Challenge

With the ever changing meeting and conference environment, from meeting in a boardroom or large conference venue to web meetings and conference calls, it has always been difficult to ascertain the effectiveness and worth of your meetings. You can easily end up spending a fortune to gather people but often end up unable to assess their retention and understanding.

The Solution

TurningPoint, our favourite Audience Response System, offers you a solution to these problems in the form of an interactive voting device. With this audience response system you will be able to:

  • accurately measure the two-way communication between the speaker and audience
  • effectively assess the outcome of your meeting
  • gather detailed relevant data from your audience

Cutting edge technology and the durable TurningPoint ResponseCard allows the audience to choose from a predefined list of up to 10 answer options per question, with no limitation to the amount of questions to be asked. TurningPoint can be used in a variety of different question formats such as Surveys, risk workshops, game shows, formal and informal assessments, content understanding and many more, both in the corporate and education environments.

The simple to use technology doesn’t require technical know how from the audience. Instead attendees simply press a button on the ResponseCard to submit their answer option. This allows the audience to focus more on the questions and their understanding of the content being presented. TurningPoint is integrated into PowerPoint, allowing the facilitator of the presentation to decide where in their presentation they would like to incorporate questions.

Our audience response technology has been used in hundreds of events around the world. On average 82 keypads are used on a rental basis in meetings or events in South Africa every day. These events range from financial, medical/pharmaceutical, HR and training environments to educational institutions.

Overall the question is not “Why should I use Audience Response in my next meeting?”, but rather “Why haven’t I been using this Audience Response System to help me get the full potential out of my meetings until now?”.

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