Crafting Pass-Along Stories: Four Questions for Creating Long-lasting Event Experiences

May 2, 2023

We all want our events to be unforgettable.

Unforgettable events are great for your brand, building communities and selling your next event.

In the quest to make our events truly unforgettable we have one invaluable tool at our disposal, the art of storytelling.

This is something that Netflix has mastered, the ability to get us hooked for hours in front of our TV or glued to our iPad screen. How do they do this? Simple, they offer great content, that is they offer great stories!

Now, allow us to share with you a proven recipe to replicate that very success.

Ask yourself the following four crucial questions to help you unlock the potential to craft compelling and memorable stories that not only resonate with your attendees but become pass-along stories with the remarkable ability to live long after your event.

Question 1: What’s the story?

Imagine the different types of attendees who will come to your event.

Create avatars for each of them with names, job titles, and interests to understand their unique perspectives. By creating this vivid image of your target audience within the event you can tailor your stories to address what truly matters to them and tap into their core values.

Next, with this deeper understanding of your audience you can identify stories within the theme of your event that will speak directly to them. Delivering content that speaks to their values and what matters to them will create relatable experiences that result in more meaningful memories.

Question 2: Where is the Campfire?

Consider the setting and the emotions that will accompany your stories delivery. Picture this scenario where the narrative unfolds. What setup will work best? Should it be at a cocktail hour or during a presentation? Will they be alone or sharing a table? By carefully pairing the setting and backdrop for your stories you can elicit both cognitive and emotional responses that foster immersive experiences with greater impact and lasting memories.

Question 3: What is the Tale or Storyline?

The stories you identify must resonate with your audience and be rooted in authenticity and provide rich and meaningful experiences.

Your stories should connect with the emotions and values that matter most to your audience. They should contain share-worthy moments that resonate deeply.

By crafting compelling narratives, you create opportunities for your audience to create bonds with the content, providing them with meaningful experiences that they are excited to share.

Question 4: What Emotion Should You Evoke?

Harness the power of emotion by identifying the specific feelings you want your audience to experience. Aligning the emotion and the story will have a significant impact on the attendee.

Craft stories that elicit these specific feelings, whether you want your audience to feel joy, appreciation, or excitement, aligning the stories with these emotions will leave long lasting impressions that stick.

These emotionally charged stories and experiences become pass-along narratives that promote your event in an organic fashion.


By addressing the four questions of story telling – identifying your stories, selecting the perfect campfire setting, crafting captivating storylines, and evoking the right emotions – you can create stories that resonate with your attendees and leaves them with lasting memories.

Being creative and investing in your storytelling, will result in attendees who can’t but help but share their incredible memories and spread the word about your event!

Get it right and watch your event become a topic of conversion for years to come.

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