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Event Date: 25 November 2019

Hyper Accelerating their journey to greatness

The challenge

We have been privileged to have worked with GV Comms and Standard Bank over the last half-a-decade. They’ve hosted multiple keypad events, including many roadshows that allowed delegates to ask anonymous questions via our QT2 keypads.

For this session, they wanted to go fully digital. Standard Bank were showing off the new feature on their banking app, and wanted the tech on the day to reflect it.

Great work Everyday Banking team.

The work might be thankless, but all good things are friction-less and we don’t always notice.

– Anonymous delegate


21322 Page Views in a single day!


That’s almost 42 different page views per person!


638 questions asked.


981 upvotes on questions, averaging out to 4 likes per question!

The Solution


As we were focusing on Standard Bank staff who were already app-savvy, were were expecting a high acceptance rate.

We weren’t expecting the 99.1% adoption rate though! Out of the 233 delegates to attend, only 2 didn’t create a profile. Young and old alike, just about everyone at Standard Bank definitely embraced technology and our Event App.


Does your event lack audience interaction?

There were 240 meaningful questions asked. That averages to more than a question per person.

Gone are the days of 2 or 3 people hogging a microphone, using it as their soap box.

An average of 4 questions were upvoted per person in attendance.


Activity Feed:

Ever wanted a social experience without having to link to social media? The event app can do that. By allowing delegates to post photos and comments on the app, engagement was increased and excitement levels increased throughout the event, all from the privacy of the app.

Delegates were further incentivised to use the activity feed to be part of a competition to win some fantastic prizes.

As the clients, Standard Bank and GV Comms were able to use these to show a physical outcome of the event, rather than just a set of analytical graphs and stats.


The event app gives the ability to give instant feedback, either to show to the audience, or as insights for the speakers. Answers can be anonymous, or tracked to a user.

This allows both honest and anonymous feedback, or direct feedback which you can help an individual with.

I really like how the presenter gave content and passed the message clearly in 4 slides.

– Ezekiel

Great presentation by the teams especially the East London team… Showing KYC and partnering in the business.

– Anele

Great session.

Very inspirational with the lovely work we are doing.

I am ready for 2020 and beyond.

– Lagini


When testing out features of the Standard Bank App for Banking, many staff learnt about new features, and were quick to point them out on the app.
Real life issues, with real life solutions, digitally revealed.

Love the interaction and the new features on the app.
This is amazing, especially the License Disc renewal.

– Anonymous delegate

Sending instant money is so easy! I love it!!!
I can do it from anywhere, anytime and the recipients can take the money out at their own convenience!

– Schalk

Every month, I make 2 very important payments.

1. I support my Mom with financial assistance after she lost her income after job cuts in the mining sector. Apart from the small pension she gets, she is depended on that monthly transfer.

2. I transfer the monthly salary of my domestic aid, Mamma T. She has been taking care of our family for the past 7 years, and therefore she is the 2nd most important transfer that I do.

Being able to make these important transfers monthly, seamless and hassle free, might sound not so important for some, but for these two important women in my life, the transfer is so much more than just a transaction on an app.

– Anonymous delegate


This is the power of the Participate Event App.

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