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The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing the events industry to find innovative new ways to keep events going.

There is a scramble to get presentations, meetings, events, and training sessions online. Everyone is working on #PIVOTTODIGITAL. From online yoga classes to large scale events – it’s been amazing to witness how people are responding.

For us it’s awesome! It’s given us an opportunity show off what we’ve been able to do for years!

We combine international award winning technologies and a wealth of knowledge and expertise from our global partners with our 10+ years of supplying technology to 1000’s of events in South Africa and beyond.

You won’t have to look much further to get great advice, service and technology.


Taking Events Online

Firstly lets answer what are ‘Digital-first or ‘virtual events’ or ‘live broadcast events’ events? Simply put instead of being in one central, physical location all your delegates, sponsors, and speakers join an online environment from any location with a decent internet connection and participate via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Virtual events can be simple, like a webinar, or more complex and include multiple speakers, sessions, and entertainment — a similar experience to a conference, exhibition or trade show, just not in person.


Did you know there are a number of benefits to doing things this way!

    • Save money – no need to book a venue or catering, and printing costs. For the most part no travel or accommodation either.
    • Revenue opportunities – using Event Apps wisely you can generate incomes from sponsorship, push notifications and logos on your live stream videos.
    • Save the planet – lower carbon footprint, no printed programs, not airplanes, no car fumes.
    • Reach a more people – if you market it well you could have people joining from all over the world!
    • Attendance and engagement – it’s easier to measure when you’ve gone digital.
    • Longer life spans – the recording of the event can be re-purposed and re-used multiple times.

Virtual Events, Hybrid or Broadcast?

Know the difference.

VIRTUAL EVENTS –  The entire audience can attend online, it makes it accessible to everyone, or perhaps to invited guests only, and can also be reached via any device. Produced from client premises or a studio.

HYBRID EVENTS –  Combines a physical face to face encounter with a virtual audience, some also refer to events that have both live and pre-recorded sessions as hybrid events.

BROADCAST EVENTS – Broadcasts take elements of both hybrid and virtual events to create a more approachable format for viewers. They are especially suited to shorter magazine-style programming, where a single or multiple live broadcasts are offered and audience can engage from different time zones at a central hub.

Are you making a choice?

Don’t do it alone, we will help you navigate your options to select the right options and tools to create a meaningful and memorable experience for your audiences.

We offer the tech solutions to enhance them all.

We can help you in planning, promoting, driving participation and engagement, monetising, and generating meaningful data to better measure and track your success.

Here is a taste of what we can do ⬇


Virtual Events

  • Fully Branded

  • Engagement through poll votes
  • Audience questions and surveys from any location.
  • Password-restricted or open access.
  • Everything-in-one platform.
  • The video feed can be extracted from multiple sources.



Slide Sharing

  • Eliminate printing costs.

  • Limit live navigation – Show slides as they display on-screen.

  • User’s notes and slides grouped together.




  • Instant interaction.

  • Show or hide answers.

  • Elegant graphics.

  • Various question types.



Audience Q&A

  • Instant interaction.

  • Can be anonymous to encourage honesty.

  • Crowd-source popular comments and questions.

  • Can be moderated.


Interaction icon

Audience Q&A

Engage your audience and create memorable conversations all while staying anonymous.

Live Polling

The ultimate live polling and gamification tool to engage your audience.


Engage with your audience using Live Polling, Surveys and Gamification.


Drive engagement through the use of custom games.

Digital Note-taking

An intuitive note-taking feature to make engagement easy.

Participate Live

Live stream, Virtual, hybrid or pre-recorded we can do them all.

White Labelled

Turn your event app into a revenue generating opportunity for your business by selling a sponsorship option or use your own brand.

Live Slide Share

Go green – share slides directly to your audience in real time.


Password Protection – Protect your event with ISO 27001 grade security.


Comprehensive event analytics and feedback. Proving an events impact has been difficult – until now!


Without networking, it’s just a Webinar. We have several great features to improve interaction between participants.

Social Feeds

Internal photo walls and chat groups

There’s a lot we can do, why not get in touch and we can show you?

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