Craft a great event experience

Digital Voting

Evolving the Audience Engagement Experience

Drive a high energy meeting and event by giving your delegates the power to contribute and have a voice. Easily transform any meeting or event into an interactive experience using your very own phone or our technology.

Simplifying meetings and training or crafting fun and engaging events is difficult for organisers. However, by refreshing the experience with Participate Technologies you can make them unforgettable and worthwhile. Provide your delegates with the option of instantly voting at your meeting in person, or remotely through a mobile app.

Participate Technologies has over 10 years’ experience in crafting interactive experiences for a wide variety of meetings and events.


Create collaborative environments where all delegates contribute.


Assess delegate understanding on the spot and address knowledge gaps.


Track changes in opinions and retention of information and quantify your success.

Easily Capture

Detailed Data


Digital Tools



Responses are recorded the instant they are cast and results are instantly ready to be displayed.


Scalable on-site and remote voting using our keypads or mobile app.

Data Security

Participates technology uses a secure network and frequency to ensure the integrity of your responses.


Our client success agents bring peace of mind by making sure you have a flawless experience whether they are running the system or coaching you through the process.

Reports & Audit Trails

Detailed session reports and audit trails to provide a complete and transparent record of all sessions.

Perfect Solution for Corporate and Education

Our system is built to be powerful in any sector and integrates seamlessly into most LMS. We have seen a 40% increase in retention and 73% increase in learning when using our technology in education and training.

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