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10 steps away from great presentatitions

You’re only
10 steps away from great presentations

01Craft your slides last: You could be tempted to start tinkering with slides early in your speech writing process – stop. It’s like building a bridge – until you know where that bridge is going to end there’s no point laying down foundations and […]

10 steps away from great presentatitions2019-10-17T10:46:23+02:00

Audience Engagement in 2019

20 Tips

On Increasing Audience Engagement At Events

Increasing audience engagement is important for continuously hosting successful events. According to David Saef, EVP of Marketworks, “Events are a critical component of any brand’s marketing strategy because face-to-face is the best way […]

Audience Engagement in 20192019-09-18T16:49:01+02:00

Calculating Event Return on Investment

Calculating Event Return on Investment

Creating great events begins with clear event objectives.

The challenge – how do we measure this?

As an event planner, understanding the strategic value of an event and how to measure its return on investment (ROI), will set you apart and position you as more than just an event planner.

If […]

Calculating Event Return on Investment2019-06-20T14:21:05+02:00

Clickers or mobile? Or should you use both?

Clickers or Mobile? Should we use both? 

Statistic show for 2017, the number of smartphone users in South Africa is estimated to reach 18.48 million and is expected to reach over 25 million by 2022. According to the Pew Research Center, 94% of adults in the United States ages 18 […]

Clickers or mobile? Or should you use both?2019-11-12T11:23:06+02:00

The Secret Weapons of an Event Organiser

Do you have the Event Organiser Secret Weapon?

Whether you are an experienced event organiser or just starting out as an event professional I don’t need to tell you how many moving parts there are when it comes to successfully orchestrating large-scale conference or events.

Simply put the best events I have been involved with share the […]

The Secret Weapons of an Event Organiser2018-09-11T17:42:26+02:00

7 Tips To Make Sure Your Event Doesn’t Suck

7 Tips to Make Sure your Event Doesn’t Suck

No event organiser wants the only memory of their event to be the food, unless it’s a food event that is. What we all want is a memorable event that delegates continue to talk about long after its finished and if the event […]

7 Tips To Make Sure Your Event Doesn’t Suck2018-09-11T13:21:20+02:00