Craft a great event experience

Case Study: Nedbank

Event Date: 11-14 June 2017

With a short conference timetable, how do you keep engagement alive?

The challenge

When Nedbank approached us for our Event App, they had clear objectives. They wanted to take their event Digital. Take it to the next level of engagement, information and feedback.

The event was going to run over 3 days at MonteCasino. They had Gala dinners, Dances & Prizes to give away as part of their conference. We loaded all of that onto our App. They wanted sessions where the speaker could run through his entire presentation without interruption, so we told them to lose the roaming mics. We have a better solution than that. Our Event App has the ability to Ask a Question. A feature that allows delegates to anonymously ask questions during specific sessions that the speaker can see live on the App, yet can answer at the end or during their presentation. With this feature, everyone has a voice, flamboyant or shy, every voice carries the same weight in that feature AND your peers can Up Vote any question submitted if they agree.

In this conference, with 219 Delegates, over 800 Engagements alone were observed. That’s on average 4 questions and/or Up Votes per person alone!

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin

Now that’s Engagement!

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