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Case Study: Mustek

Increasing engagement and improving the experience through Event App technology to be more efficient and effective in the roadshow.


Mustek Limited is one of the largest assembler and distributors of personal computers and complementary ICT products in South Africa. The Gauteng Key Accounts Kick Off Technology Update Roadshow, has been described as one of the “most important technology events for ICT products”. The roadshow brings together a 360° product offering from a wide range of large brands such as Samsung, Epson, Mecer and Microsoft across two days.

Both days provide a rich agenda of 30-38 educational sessions plus a number of opportunities for the delegates to network and build relationships.


Musteks goals were similar to that of many organizations of their size and breadth:

  • Generate pre-­‐show excitement and increased attendance
  • Connect attendees with their peers to encourage learning
  • Connect buyers and appropriate suppliers
  • Build a lasting sense of community and relationships among attendees
  • Establish their position as the leader in ICT distributor
  • Help attendees plan their conference time
  • Build the Mustek brand as a forward-­‐thinking, technology organization

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin


Working with the Mustek events planner, Participate Technologies created an interactive attendee networking and logistics mobile event app for The Gauteng Key Accounts Kick Off Technology Update Roadshow. The app was designed to complement and enhance the Wakanda Forever theme of the event.

The app included rich attendees profiles, personalized agenda options, real-time notifications/alerts, and an in-app direct message platform. Participate also provided to speakers & exhibitors the ability to upload their presentations or brochures for instant access. Finally, Participate Technologies created a “Riddle Game” component where exhibitors could generate brand related riddles to entice attendees to come have a chat.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

The Event App allowed attendees to:

  • Connect and communicate with their colleagues: Almost 100 messages were sent between 25 attendees.
  • Use their time at the event effectively: Over 3,000 sessions were added to personal schedules for MeetDifferent
  • Access information such as agenda, attendee profiles and event information: Resulting in over 18 000 pageviews.
  • Download session hand-­outs and slide decks, helping create a “greener” conference.
  • Collect important usage data and metrics for Mustek along the way to help them understand and document their ROI.
  • Collect attendee feedback to evaluate and implement in future events.

This is the power of the Participate Event App.

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