Annual Support & Warranty Program

At Participate Technologies we are well aware that having the best of breed product is not enough and that the product needs to be complemented by market leading training and support.
All our Purchase Quotations for ResponseCards include Training and our Annual Support & Warranty Agreement (ASWA), both important components in empowering your organisation/institution and you to engage your audience.
We also have a standardisation model that has been developed specifically for the all-important Higher Education Market.


Training is vital in providing the skill set, confidence and competency to engage your audience using keypads, and as such is compulsory for new users (limitations apply to locations available for onsite training but web-based training is available for all customers). Completion of Training allows users to obtain service desk support. PARTICIPATE offers various modules for training from beginner to expert and others that include question methodology.

Annual Support & Warranty Agreement (ASWA)

A complete support program, which is compulsory in the first year and provides on-going support and discounts in the form of:

  • Bi-Monthly free invitations to attend User Group Seminars
  • Help Desk Support
  • Discounted ‘After Hours’ Service Desk Support
  • Minor Software Updates & Patches Notification
  • Software Assurance: Major Software Version Upgrade Entitlement at no cost
  • Hardware Warranty Service
  • Discounted Keypad Battery & Maintenance Service
  • Purchase Top-Up Keypads at Current Bundled Price
  • Discounted rental options for events
  • Training discounts
  • Support Notes & Circulars
  • Email & Fax access to Technical Support

We are committed to enhancing the interactive experience of your audience by providing you with the best possible Training and Support and look forward to making your world more interactive so please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or assistance.